Private, encrypted and decentralized pocket-friendly USB!

Private, encrypted and decentralized pocket-friendly USB!

Preinstalled with operating system and open source software for secure peer-to-peer communication, web surfing and VPN ready. Bootable on every computer or laptop, everywhere!

About Nodus


The idea is to have your data and ability to access Nodus network with you wherever you go and whenever you want. Our system is built on top of a GNU/Linux™️ operating system which means that it can run on almost every computer or laptop.


Nodus is also a network of interconnected users. Each member can start a conversation with other members in the network and explore new ways and opportunities to connect. Everything stored on an encrypted drive small enough to fit your pockets!


We are team of developers and computer enthusiasts eager to create and share the idea for better internet privacy and safe online communication. We are continuously improving our product with latest updates and security patches in order to deliver high quality service and customer satisfaction.


Inspired by false advertised encrypted chat solutions, we have decided to create something real. We use different set of open source software and tools to create one unique solution. Easy to use and for everyone!


Our vision is to create a network with highly reputed members and build trusted brand within communication services. We are building a safe cyber community and we want you to be part of it!



Nodus drives are encrypted with LUKS encryption which means that files on the drive cannot be accessed without chosen password.

Peer to Peer

The messaging software we use is completely independent and server-free. This kind of communication removes the possibility of server data leaks as the peers on the network are exchanging encrypted information directly with each other part(s) of the network.

Open Source

We are using open source software which means that every software or tool is publicly available. No malware or hidden malicious code which can be implemented by proprietary software developers.


Access the network from everywhere and from every compatible desktop computer or laptop. We have different varieties of USB drives that can easily fit your pockets or backpacks.

How it works?

Make sure to turn on video subtitles for detailed description.

We provide possible key combinations to enter UEFI/BIOS. Make sure to check our latest tutorials and guides on our Blog page!




Nodus USB

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Frequently asked questions

How safe is Nodus?
– Nodus can be considered 95% safe. USB drives are fully encrypted and we use open source chat software with end-to-end encryption. There is always risk of human related errors which can lead to data leaks.

Can I delete chat history?
– Yes you can. By default chat history is not saved on any of the drives.

Can I use VPN with Nodus?
– Yes you can. Nodus is compatible with OpenConnect, OpenVPN, PPTP, Cisco VPN, strongSwan and much more.

Can I use Nodus for surfing the web?
– Yes you can. Nodus is a full Linux operating system with preinstalled software for chatting, surfing the web and browsing local files.

Can I connect to Wi-Fi?
– Only if your hardware has compatible wireless card. Ethernet connection is automatically enabled.

Can I use Nodus on my laptop?
– Yes, only with compatible Intel or AMD processor. Most of the hardware available on the market is supported with Linux kernel and it should work. If you want to make sure first please contact us with the exact model and manufacturer of your computer.

Can I use Nodus with Chromebook laptop?
– No, unfortunately every Chromebook has different firmware and booting from USB drives is not possible at the moment.

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